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John Walsh to be presented with Maundy money by King Charles

In York Minister on Thursday 6 April, John Walsh, a church warden at St Lawrence Church Stratford sub Castle and a former Mayor of Salisbury, will be one of the 74 recipients to receive Maundy money from King Charles. The recipients are traditionally older people who are recognised for their contribution to community life.

During the service, which is held annually at a cathedral or abbey in the UK, 74 men and 74 women - signifying the King's age - will be given Maundy money. The King will present each recipient with two purses: one red and one white. The white purse will contain a set of specially minted silver Maundy coins equivalent in value to the age of the Monarch and these special coins have kept much the same form since 1670.

The red purse will contain two commemorative coins, symbolising the Sovereign's historic gift of food and clothing. This year, one will celebrate His Majesty’s upcoming 75th birthday and the other will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Windrush Generation.

The first recorded Royal Distribution of Maundy money was in 600CE when King John distributed Maundy Money at Knaresborough, North Yorkshire,



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