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Hedgehog sightings - response from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust


Having reported the sighting of an adult and a hoglet for inclusion in the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's records, an email from the WWT gave this information:

"The young stay in the nest for 3 - 4 weeks and then stay with mum for about another 4 weeks. After around 8 weeks a young hedgehog will begin to strike out on his or her own, feeding themselves and looking for their own nest sites. This one should be in a good position to survive the coming winter. It has been born early enough in the year to develop well and to put on enough weight to survive hibernation, which is great news."

A second hoglet has been visiting a neighbouring garden and yesterday afternoon (21 August) both hoglets were spotted a few feet away from each other.

News from 19 August

Another sighting, this time it's a young hog (image above), roughly a quarter of the size of the earlier visitor.


News from 3 August

This sprightly hedgehog is making regular and much welcomed visits to our garden. Its main interest seems to be the seeds that fall from a bird feeder but hopefully its diet includes slugs too.

Hedgehogs may not be able to reach water intended for birds, so there's now a shallow container of water at ground level.

The sightings have been logged on the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust website.


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