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Have you seen these two new signs in Stratford?

The meaning of the logo appeared underneath and has been removed from this image.

Do you know where they are and what they communicate?

The Sarsen Way image is a waymarker recently attached to the Rights of Way signpost near Dairy Cottage, Stratford Road. Kerry O'Connor has helpfully provided details to update the website's Long Distance Paths page. This particular route runs from Barbury Castle through Stratford sub Castle and onto Salisbury Cathedral and has been described by the Long Distance Walkers' Association as:

"A walk through the evidence of ancient history across rural Wiltshire linking Barbury Castle with Salisbury Cathedral. It passes the Alton Barnes White Horse and The Sanctuary, then crosses the medieval defensive earthwork, Wansdyke, and passes Adam's Grave, Casterley Camp and Old Sarum, the site of an ancient settlement. En-route it meanders along the Avon Valley, passing through Amesbury, and it visits the edges of Salisbury Plain."

This was spotted on the side of a litter bin outside Stratford school. You may have seen this logo elsewhere. Here is an opportunity to gauge local opinion (and test if this new feature available in the website's software, works).

Do you know what the logo means?

  • Yes, it's obvious.

  • No, it needed that translation.



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