Fly Tipping warning signs go up

The new poles that had been standing empty in Gradidge Lane since they were erected on 16 April have today been fitted with warning signs with the aim of deterring fly-tippers.

Fly tipping near the gas pumping station has been a problem for many years but as we reported in September 2019, Mary Douglas, Wiltshire Councillor for Salisbury St Francis and Stratford had advised that "My request for an onsite camera was rejected as, apparently, we don’t have enough reported incidents to warrant one. Please continue to report incidents using the Report tab at "

(Note that this is the spelling of Gradidge Lane used by Wiltshire Council and therefore recommended to be used when reporting incidents. We are aware that local variants exist.)

Earlier this year Wiltshire Council launched their "We're Targetting Fly-Tippers" campaign with increased penalties for offenders and 'rewards' offered to members of the public who provide evidence leading to prosecution. Click the image below to read details.