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Five Rivers Centre now operating on zero carbon emissions

At Five Rivers Centre on 16 March 2024, solar panels mounted high over parked vehciles

In line with its aspiration to become carbon neutral by 2030, Wiltshire Council has been undertaking a programme of works across many of its buildings to reduce the energy used in those buildings. These works will also reduce carbon emissions and help to lower energy bills.

Our nearby Five Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre is now operating on zero carbon emissions.

At Five Rivers Centre, more work was in procgress 16 March 2024

Wiltshire Council was awarded a grant from the government's Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme that has funded the installation of a new low carbon heating system at Five Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre and provided solar panels to produce renewable electricity. The centre will no longer rely on fossil fuels for heating and with the Green electricity tariff that the council has procured, the centre will be reporting zero carbon emissions.

You can read more about the whole programme in the Wiltshire Council recent press release.



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