'First' cuckoo?

Image: RSPB

Updated 8 May

Several residents have reported a cuckoo calling quite persistently on Friday 7 May - heard from St Lawrence Churchyard and Mill Lane areas. Perhaps the original cuckoo has moved upstream or was this a second one?

Original story 3 May

This morning Richard Death heard a cuckoo calling from the boardwalk side of the river, maybe close to the reed beds. Richard mentioned in his recent talk to the Stratford Guild that he has heard the cuckoo calling from that area in previous years.

According to the RSPB website, cuckoos "can be seen throughout the UK but are especially numerous in southern and central England. They are summer visitors arriving in late March or April". So this one was rather late to arrive or has been keeping rather quiet!

"Cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, especially meadow pipits, dunnocks and reed warblers." Perhaps that's why our visitor was heard near the reed beds?

With an estimated 15,000 UK breeding pairs, the Conservation Status of the cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) is Red.