Don't lose your way

You may have taken footpaths in this area for granted or followed with interest the matter of an application by Wiltshire Council in 2017 to extinguish a long-unused and inaccessible path that ran through a local garden yet was still recorded on the Definitive Map at that time.*

Councils are required to maintain the Definitive Map which is a legal record of paths and make it available to enquirers. Here is a link.

The Countryside & Rights of Way Act (CROW) has imposed a deadline of 1 January 2026 for receipt of applications to register a footpath that is neither shown on Ordnance Survey (OS) mapping nor on the Definitive Map. The walking charity Ramblers is endeavouring to highlight this deadline through its 'Don't lose Your Way campaign'.

Wiltshire Council's 2020 Definitive Map

You can read these relevant articles on the village website written by Kerry O'Connor, a member of the Stratford Local History Group, about a local lost way here:

'A Lost Road to a Lost Abode'

and Public Rights of Way

* This particular extinguishment, widely-acknowledged to be a common-sense proposal, was part of a successful legal process to register a new, now much-used local public footpath. The matter was the subject of a Public Enquiry held in the Reading Room in January 2018.