Coachbuilding Apprenticeship awarded to Stratford boy

The Wiltshire Society was set up by Wiltshire gentlemen living in London in the 17th century, who at an annual fundraising dinner endowed Wiltshire children with apprenticeships in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In 1817 it was relaunched with the same aim, originally for children of Wiltshire poor in London and later those in Wiltshire and in addition awarded grants and loans on completion of training to set up in business. Officers visited the apprentices and the masters whom they funded. As employment trends changed it also awarded scholarships, bursaries and grants. It ran until the 20th century.

In July 1877 a boy from Stratford sub Castle, aged about 15, was one of two apprentices assigned to Fulker Coachbuilders in Salisbury. #localhistory


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