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Clearing Up after the flooding

Stratford Road by The Old Laundry 14 January 2024
7 January 2024

Our local Flood Warden, Duncan Hopkins, has been busy over the past few weeks checking flooding levels and reporting the situation to the relevant authorities.

If you're concerned about flooding, Duncan has prepared advice which is always available for reference on this website under the Local Information section of the menu: Local Information/flooding

A copy of the latest Environment Agency Flood alert appears on this page:

John Wells, one of the Councillors for St Francis & Stratford, was helpful in getting gutters swept along Stratford Road after Wiltshire Council had earlier commented: "As this gully is not causing flooding to a high-speed road or causing damage to property it is not considered a high priority at this time. Therefore, this app has been closed."

Unfortunately before this could be done, a resident had fallen on an icy pavement where water had collected by this very same blocked drain.

Drain now unblocked. 14 January 2024

Gutters swept. Image 14 January 2024


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