The return of Blue plaque

The refurbished plaque


The refurbishment of the blue plaque has been completed and it has been returned to the gate pillar at Mawarden Court.

Original story - 1 August 2020

Earlier this week the eagle-eyed Kerry O'Connor noticed that the blue plaque installed on the Mawarden Court gate entrance in July 2008, had disappeared.

The plaque recorded that William Pitt (the Elder) spent part of his boyhood in Stratford sub Castle. His grand-father was Thomas Pitt, a benefactor of St Lawrence Church. Spending a few weeks with his grandparents during the summer holidays evidently helped to prepare William Pitt for his role of MP for Old Sarum and later as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Despite rumours to the contrary, all is well. The Salisbury Civic Society has arranged for the plaque to be refurbished and it will be returned in due course.

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