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More than just a talk about stone-carving.....

Audience members

At the end of his talk on Friday 28 February, 'How Stonemasonry helped Save my Life', Henry Gray agreed to make a block of stone and a suitable tool available for audience members to briefly test their skills.

The event organised by The Friends of St Lawrence Church was very well attended. There was a very supportive atmosphere as Henry recounted some life-changing decisions he had made which resulted in him taking up stone carving as an interest and a way of life and ultimately setting up his own workshop with teaching facilities.

The Trustees of the Friends of St Lawrence Church are very grateful to Henry Gray for giving his time to prepare and deliver his talk. Many thanks too to those who bought tickets for this fundraising event.


Henry demonstrating after his talk

Some of Henry's stone carving tools
Henry at St Lawrence Church

An example of Henry's work

See more examples of Henry Gray's stone carving here