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Repair work booked..... and cancelled

Image - Google Streetview

A sign near Avon Bridge announced that the road would be closed on 14 December for repairs to be made to Avon Bridge. One network sent out alerts apparently confirming the work. However, subsequent information given on 7 December revealed that the planned work has been cancelled. No reason was given.

Arranged then cancelled, the sign remains in place

News from 29 October

The latest version of Google Streetview (see image) records the sorry state of this bridge parapet over a water meadows drain on the road to Avon Farm. It was damaged by a car in July 2020 and remains unrepaired fifteen months later.

A spokesperson for Salisbury Transportation Team has confirmed this week that various options to repair the bridge are being explored and further commented ....

" .... We should wait until there is a planned closure on the road for another activity which we could utilise. Whenever we end up doing the works we need to ensure it is done with the minimum of disruption and costs."

This stretch of road has been closed on at least three occasions this year, twice for BT to carry out works (necessitated by the road accidents involving the damaged telegraph pole) and most recently on Monday 11 October for repairs to another bridge. Such planned closures are referred to Wiltshire Council then advised to the public and other utilities through the . The village website endeavours to provide a 'heads up' to local residents - see image below.

Image published on the village website early Oct 2021


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