Hudson's Field

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Hudson’s Field is a large open public space on the southern boundary of Stratford sub Castle. The field is used for a number of sports, with football pitches, rugby pitches and cricket wickets. The Field is accessible from Stratford Road, Castle Road, and the footpath leading from The Portway. Limited parking is available in Hudson's Field by using the Castle Road entrance.


Away from the pitches there are plenty of open areas for running or kite flying and it is popular with walkers. There are benches at the upper part of the field, adjacent to the footpath.

There is pedestrian access to Old Sarum from the adjacent Three Cornered Field and from Hudson's Field itself to the nearby Parliament Stone. 


Hudson's Field was named in honour of a former mayor of Salisbury, Alderman J C Hudson, who left money in his will that enabled the then Corporation, (now City of Salisbury) to purchase the land and for it to be designated as "an open space for ever" thus preventing any encroachment by building or otherwise, and preserving for visitors and residents, a fine view of Old Sarum. John Hudson was keenly interested in preserving the natural beauty of the city and adding to its open spaces.

A shelter containing a water fountain has long since gone from Hudson’s Field, as has a tablet 

that contained the following inscription:

“This shelter and the 44 acres of land surrounding it were provided by the corporation to safeguard the view of Old Sarum, and as a place of recreation for the public. A grant of one-third was made by the executors under the will of Alderman J.C. Hudson, Mayor of this city.”

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John Cattrell Hudson
Salisbury Mayor 1926-27

Excavations by Wessex Archaeology in 2010

"....confirmed the findings of the geophysical survey that the Site lies on the periphery of the postulated extents of the Roman town of Old Sarum."  Details & Image here.


Details are also included in our Timeline of Local Architectural Studies