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Stratford sub Castle Guild - 2022-23 season


January 11th:  Richard Death - Morris Dancing

This was a change to the planned programme. (Report in the PDF)


February 8th: David Milton (Wiltshire Council) and Andy Wallis (Environment Agency):  The Salisbury River Park Project  FULLY BOOKED

Unclear about why there are works along the river into town?  Come and hear an update from the project leaders including the plans for the creation of two hectares of new riverside habitat, wetland areas and rewilding.  (Report in the PDF)

March 8th: Brian and Jacqueline Sutton: The Duke of Monmouth - How his head was turned and lost

From being the darling of the Restoration court, heroic soldier and a favourite with the ladies, this talk outlines Monmouth’s spectacular decline, followed by the terrible retribution taken by King James II and his infamous judge, George Jeffreys, including the unjust way Alice Lisle from Ringwood was treated at their hands. (Report in the PDF)

April 12th:  Bernard Purrier:  Whales and Dolphins Conservation

The WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, based in Chippenham, is the leading charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins.  Volunteer Bernard will tell us about the charity’s work and achievements internationally to reduce the many threats faced by whales and dolphins every day.

May 10th:  AGM to be followed by a talk by Terry Ereira featuring light-hearted memories from his teaching career in East London.

June 14th:  Summer Social Evening 

Buffet, drinks and a chance for Members to catch up. Advance bookings only (for catering purposes) tickets £5 from Terry Ereira.





September 14th: Charles Rees:  Alcohol Considered

Charles, a GP for 38 years and GP trainer for 30, will introduce us to the J shaped curve and discuss units, medicinal qualities, the huge world–wide drinks industry, harmful effects and those statistics, in a way that will put everything in perspective.  Everything in moderation ….

Open the PDF document to read a review. 

October 12th: Tony Hersh:  A Day in the Life of a Magistrate

Tony has been a Magistrate in North Hampshire for several years and will describe the history of the role before setting out some real cases he has faced in court.  Audience participation will be encouraged in a discussion around the potential sentencing before Tony tells us the actual sentence the Magistrate decided upon. Open the PDF document to read a review.


November 9th: Richard Hutley:  Nikola Tesla – the Maverick Hungarian

When Einstein was asked what it was like to be the Smartest Man in the world? He replied 'I don't know, you will have to ask Nikola Tesla'. Find out more about the man who Electrified the World (and it wasn’t Elon Musk).

December 14th: Christmas Social - Quiz & light buffet

A return to a 'Live' Christmas Social. Photos of the event are here.

Talk reviews

(PDF docs.)

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