Stratford sub Castle Garden Club 2018-19 Programme

Meets on the last Thursday of the Month, September to November and January to June
at the Reading Room, Stratford sub Castle SP1 3LL (opposite St Lawrence Church). Free parking. 

7.15 pm for 7.30 pm.

27 September

Katherine Crouch

'Plants that should be better known'.                                                                     Report


25 October

Ted and Veronica Uren

'The Isles of Scilly — Tresco Abbey Garden and the Journey'                             Report


29 November

Stewart Pocock

'All about Roses'                                                                                                    Report


31 January 

Jeff Long and Steve Mayall

'There are no Gardening Mistakes — Only Experiments'

Unfortunately this talk had to be cancelled due to bad weather. The report gives

details of the February & March talks.

28 February

Rebecca Twigg

‘Bees Need People and Passion                                                                           Report


8 March

Andy Mclndoe

'Behind the scenes at Chelsea'.                                                                             Report



25 April

Roger Hirons

‘The Summer Garden’                                                                                            Report


23 May

Philip Jeffs

‘Growing Fruit Trees’                                                                                              Report


Sunday 2 June 

Open Gardens                                                                                                       Report


Thursday 13 June

Visit to Chisenbury Priory Garden

27 June                                                                                                                 Report            

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