Our second village-themed crossword

by Kerry O'Connor

In our new Homes and What's on Section*, all the answers to our second crossword are names of homes in the village and can be found by a stroll along Stratford Road. How sharp are you at solving the clues?


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Clues Across


2.     The alpaca is territorial (7, house)

4.     Before the curve between Georgia and Mississippi (9, house)

9.     Soccer at Leith eg Rangers vs Celtic (3,6)

10.   Middle Earth monster is tough (7)

13.   Chert rock on the river Dee (5, cottage)

17.   encrypt-abler (7,5 anag)

18.   Equal, filial, temporal (9)

19.   Antique counterfeit (3,5 cottage)

20.   Lucky Footwear (10)

21.   Deter us selling this house (7)


Clues Down


1.     has taken more connections (7)

2.     Deceit around an elevator (7, house)

3.     extended small Scottish holding (9)

5.     There's a deal in this cottage (4)

6.     Amongst angered lynch mob (6)

7.     Stoker joins college principal (8)

8.     Spanish saint and aristocrat (6)

11.   He and his friends surround the prize (8)

12.   All revised (10, anag)

14.   Morris Hotel (11,anag)

15.   Village's first five hot for additions (10)

16.   bombing led enemy advance (9)

*Did you spot for example the Holmes and Watson allusion in our first sentence?

ANSWERS available via the link above or