A Crossword for Stratford             compiled by Kerry O'Connor

How well do you know Stratford sub Castle?

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Clues down

2.       the kind of borough Old Sarum used to be

3.       Henry II's imprisoned wife

4.       ascended cottage

6.       formerly Portway Cottage

7.       Salisbury Mayor 1926-7

12.     type the oldest thing in the church

13.     Folding Cages (anag)

14.     lane for screw drivers

15.     Roman name for village precursor

17.     Mercutio got his point

19.     Curate in 1840s and hymnist

20.     woods funded by beer could be like the village Beer in Lyme Bay

21.     complaining fish cottage

23.     family name, Earldom of Pembroke

crossword v2.png

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Clues Across

1.       Spanish saint and patron of 238
          Anglican churches in England

5.       the road to Silchester

8.       ? Gas Lane

9.       Sarum bishop canonised 358 years
          after his death

10.    estates Great and Little

11.    distant item cottage, formerly Moreton,
         that has housed grocer, pub, post
         office, wheelwright and lacemaker

14.    Brother Bishops in early 13th C

16.    family name, Earldom of Chatham
         (title now extinct)

18.    mine, thine, hisn, hern, ..........

22.    Soda Vein (anag)

24.    Arm Slit (anag)

25.    family name, Earldom of Chichester

26.    Nelson's wife (Christian name)

27.    The cities old and new

28.    15th C Wiltshire MP and local
          landowner who came from Marden in