Page updated 7 Jan 2021

Community help available in Stratford sub Castle during Covid-19

Depending on where you live, here are the people you can call if you need shopping etc, or just a friendly chat. The co-ordinator will then arrange for one of our volunteers to get in touch with you.

Shakespeare Road and Shelley Drive

co-ordinator  Jeff Long 

01722: 324421


The Portway to Castle Keep

co-ordinator Karen Baxter

07930 507506

North of Castle Keep to St Lawrence Close*

co-ordinator Ian McGill

m: 07811 209546

North of St Lawrence Close*

co-ordinator David Balston

01722 411628

m: 07711 898071

There are some points to be aware of,

Please call the coordinator who is looking after your area.

Please provide your address and contact details when you call.

Coordinators will usually try to put you in touch with someone living

near you.

If you have called another coordinator please make this known

If something is particularly urgent please make this clear. It may

generally take some time for help to be sorted out.

If you need a prescription collected please don’t ask until you know

the item is available at the pharmacy.

Also for prescriptions, please make it clear whether it is exempt from


David Balston

*   Note:   St. Lawrence Close have set up their own support group.


If St Lawrence Close residents would like help with shopping, collecting prescriptions etc. please contact Rachel Burnside tel 01722 322667 or Zoe Fowle tel 01722 504293

This PDF document contains a copy of the Wiltshire Council Covid-19 Community Care package

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