From the Archives - a bore hole report dated 1937

A search of the British Geographical Survey website identified this interesting bore hole report that had been hand-written on behalf of F W Ockenden & Son in 1937 (retyped below):

"Site:  Parsonage Farm  J Coggan Esq  Stratford Salisbury

                              Depth (ft)

Gravel                      25

Chalk                       40

Chalk & flint             50

Water level                8      (test for 9 hours)

28ft of lining tubes


"Water is pumped by electric motor through 4" pipe at full rate. Rate per hour unknown. Water level below well approx 10 to 15 ft. Has pumped 96 hours without stopping and still ample supply. The writer believes analysis to be good. "

(Notes added to the end of the report)

May 1954 - Well has not been used since property was requisitioned by Ministry of Food in 1940 

Visited 18-10-58 - Now Parsonage Farm. Sealed. "


Source: British Geological Survey website - Accessed 3 April 2017