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"Sarum County Sessions - Tuesday

William Churcher, sergeant-major in the Artillery, was summoned for driving a pony and trap without a light at Stratford-sub-Castle, on Sunday, October 18th. Defendant pleaded guilty.

Constable Box said that when on duty on the Salisbury and Amesbury road about 11.20 he met the defendant driving a pony and trap to which no light was attached. He stopped him and took his name. Defendant said that when he left Salisbury his lamp was burning alright, but after he left Old Sarum the candle burned out. He got a cyclist to ride in front and see all was clear.

The magistrates considered that it was not a serious case and fined the defendant 1s., with 7s costs."


Salisbury Times, Friday, 6 November 1903

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Source: Copy from accessed 23/9/18 (on-line parish clerk) 


Image - elsewhere - public domain.