The Stratford-sub-Castle area has been lived in more or less continuously (with the possible exception of part of the Saxon period) since at least the Bronze Age.

Our attractive church, St Lawrence, is particularly interesting for the many periods represented in its structure from the 1100's through to the present day. There was probably an earlier church, and possibly a pagan temple, on the site. 

We have several houses and other buildings of historical significance in the village. Our photo gallery gives detailed descriptions alongside the images.

In addition to individuals who have left a lasting local legacy to our village, there have been some nationally important people who have lived in or visited the area of our present-day village and the landscape that surrounds it. 

Old Sarum has been a strategic site of occupation stretching through history since the iron age. Now managed by Historic England, it is a popular tourist attraction.

There are several articles about Old Sarum on this website, including news of an ongoing research project by the University of Southampton.