Commonwealth War Graves

We are privileged to look after the forty-seven World War One Commonwealth War Graves on behalf of the War Graves Commission. These graves are situated on the north side of the Church.

In addition to the War Graves, the Church also records the deaths of nine soldiers who had connections with Stratford-sub-Castle and who were killed on active service overseas during World War One.All but two of these soldiers died in France or Belgium, with one dying in Greece and the other in Mesopotamia. The names of all these soldiers are recorded inside the Church on the South Wall adjacent to the Organ Gallery stairs.

There are also two World War Two graves - those of R.E. Ginder RAF and D.D. Rawlins RAF

Most of the people buried in these graves died at the Salisbury Isolation Hospital. It was, during WW1, in the Parish of Stratford sub Castle and situated on the Portway close to what is now Old Sarum Airfield. It was built in 1911 and remained a hospital until 1951. Latterly it was used as a centre for Adults with Learning Difficulties before being demolished in 2012 for housing development.

You can see a list of the names of all the people buried in these graves by clicking here

And a plan of the Grave layout can be downloaded here;