We thought it would be interesting to note the main events that took place in the village over the years.

Date Event
552 The Saxons take Sorviodunum (Old Sarum)
c1003 Coins minted at Searobyrg (Old Sarum)
1075 Council of London combines dioceses of Sherborne and Ramsbury and says the bishop should reside at Sarisberie (Old Sarum)
1086 King's Council at Sarisberie (Old Sarum), oath of allegiance to William the Conquerer
1092 Completion of the Cathedral at Sarisberie (Old Sarum) by Bishop Osmund (it burned down 5 days after consecration)
1100 Castle enhanced by construction of a stone keep
1130 Henry I erects a Royal Palace within the earthworks and grants a charter to the burgesses of Salisbury (Old Sarum)
1164 Thomas Beckett stays at Old Sarum during his row with Henry II that led to the "Constitutions of Clarendon"
1190 Second, larger Cathedral completed
1218 Pope Honorius III sanctions the removal of the Cathedral to New Sarum
c1219 Bishop and Clergy leave Old Sarum
1131 The Cathedral at Old Sarum demolished and the stone used for the Close walls and possibly the Spire
1691 Thomas "Diamond" Pitt buys the manor of Stratford
1832 Reform Act removes the right of Old Sarum (a rotten borough) to return two members to parliament