The Devenish Nature Reserve

The Devenish reserve is wonderful mix of young woodland, mature beech woodland, chalk downland and meadow. This variety is what makes it such a haven for wildlife, particularly for beetles, bugs and butterflies, such as the chalkhill blue.  Although it lies just outside our parish (along the Durnford Road) we make no excuses for including it here.The reserve is named in memory of the banker, Matthew Devenish, who lived at Little Durnford Manor.

Richard Death is the volunteer warden and is keen to set up a Devenish Supporters Group, for anyone who is interested in helping look after the site in any way. It will involve as much or as little as any volunteer wishes. It could be as little as visiting the site occasionally and keeping your eyes open for anything that is wrong; it could be going for a "walk with a purpose", and taking a stick with you to knock down any nettles growing on the footpaths; it could be doing a regular walk on a standard route and recording butterflies; it could be coming along periodically to help with conservation tasks such as hazel coppicing, ragwort pulling or Ride widening, etc. You can find out more about the reserve by looking at its section on the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust web site.

Richard also publishes a quarterly Newsletter about the Reserve, and it is free to anyone who is interested.

If you would like to help and/or receive the Newsletter please contact Richard here