Village Defibrillator Project

6 Jan 2018
By Liz Waterman

This short report sets out the current status and provides some information about the project to obtain a defibrillator for the village.

A small working party has been formed to take the project forward representing the Reading Room, School and Café Group.

We are working with The Community Heartbeat Trust who provide the defibrillator and all the supporting information we need.  They have considerable experience in helping communities like ours to install and maintain a fully operational service as well as saving us the cost of VAT. Further information can be found at 

The Defibrillator will be sited on an outside wall of the Reading Room so it is accessible at all times.

There has already been one fund raising event in the village, the Christmas Café. The school parents hope to organize a fund raising event in the next few months. These events offer villagers and the school community the ability to support the project and we look forward to meeting those that can be there.  Future events might include a Village Healthy Heart Day involving the village and school communities.

All money that we raise will be ring-fenced just for this village.  Donations can be made by anyone either in the form of a cheque made out to ‘The Heartbeat Trust’ or on the online donation page - click here to view 

All cheques should have our specific six digit reference number - STR004 - written on the back.  Cheques and cash donations should ideally be placed in a special envelope obtainable from Arnold Harrison, Heather Balston, Liz Waterman and Annalise Hecks (school parent).  Cheques can be posted direct in the postage paid envelopes.  Cash in envelopes should be given to any of the above, not posted. 

If anyone has any questions do please ask and I will do my best to answer.  

Liz Waterman

To see how much money has been raised so far, click the link below.