Update on Defibrillator Fundraising

28 May 2018
By Liz Waterman

At the time of writing we have raised £2,749.00 of the £3,500.00 we aim to raise to provide a defibrillator and its maintenance and insurance for the next 10 years.  Thanks to the Gardening Society and a number of individual donations, we are still moving towards our target.  Figures from the school children’s sponsored walk are not yet available. The May Café proceeds will also be donated and the Guild have decided they will again donate the proceeds of their next raffle to the fund. 

Support from local businesses and users of the Reading Room

Since my last report we have aimed to write to all businesses within the village in the hope of encouraging them to support the project as they or their employees would have access to it should the need arise.  If you use any of the businesses in the village perhaps you could mention the project to them.

Regular groups and organisations that use the Reading room have also been written to in the hope that they might make a financial contribution.


Once the defibrillator has been installed we will be running a community defibrillator Seminar that will demonstrate the use of the defibrillator and explain how it works and its benefits to the community in saving precious minutes in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. This event will be open to all and no special skills are required just your willingness to play an important role in the event of a medical emergency. The date will be advised in due course.  Key fobs with the cabinet access code will also be available to all village residents and businesses.

Donations can be made by anyone either in the form of a cheque made out to ‘The Heartbeat Trust’ or on the online donation page https://communityheartbeat.charitycheckout.co.uk/Stratford-Sub-Castle

All cheques should have our specific six digit reference number - STR004 - written on the back.  Cheques and cash donations should ideally be placed in a special envelope obtainable from Arnold Harrison, Heather Balston, Liz Waterman and Annalise Hecks (school parent).  Cheques can be posted direct in the postage paid envelopes.  Cash in envelopes should be given to any of the above, not posted.