Time stands still

29 Sep 2017
By Rosemary Winson

The church clock has been stopped for essential repair work to take place. The worn escape wheel has been sent away for repair, which according to Jim Platt "May take a month or so". Meanwhile the hour hand on the clock's dial will remain pointing to 'just before' 11 o'clock.

Villagers will know (but visitors may not) that the tower clock does not have a minute hand. This seems strange in our digital age but when the clock was installed during the 18th century before the introduction of trains or planes running to timetables, 'about' 11 o'clock was accurate enough. For important matters such as church services, the church bells would be rung to alert parishioners that the hour for a service was approaching.

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The complete movement                    Illustration of Escape wheel        Escape wheel removed