Stratford Footpath diversion order confirmed

15 Feb 2018
By Rosemary Winson

The outcome of last month's Public Inquiry held by Helen Slade, the Inspector appointed by The Planning Inspectorate, has been advised.

A permissive path referred to throughout the Inquiry as the 'Green Route', has been confirmed as a new Public Right of Way. The 'Purple Route' shown on the Wiltshire Definitive Map which for part of its route ran through private gardens, has been extinquished.   

Notices reading 'This footpath is now closed by Order of Wiltshire Council' are now sited at both ends of the 'Red Route' which has been in use since the 1960s but has never been officially recognised as a public right of way.

Our earlier News item dated 24 January  includes maps and details of all 3 routes.

An application for costs was made by Wiltshire Council against a person who objected to the Orders. A separate Decision on that application will be made at a later date. 

The Planning Inspectorate's Decision document dated 13 February 2018 can be viewed here (opens in new window).