Stratford flooding

9 Nov 2017
By Rosemary Winson

Last evening's Guild talk was entitled 'Salisbury Disasters' and the speaker Alan Clarke showed some images of past flooding in Salisbury.  Afterwards, over coffee, members began talking about the floods in Stratford that had occured here a few years' ago.

Those relatively new to the village may not be  aware of the flooding in the winter of 2013/2014, so here are some details. 

In February 2014 a News report on this website reported:
   "Our village has become a cul-de-sac" says one resident as floods close the road outside the church. It is apparently the first time this has happened since 1947.  

The report was accompanied by the image above. The road by St Lawrence Church was closed to traffic for a couple of weeks and the Reading Room car park was underwater.  The Stratford Bridge to Salisbury bus service was forced to terminate at Mill Lane.  

David Balston took this photo from the bottom of Mill Lane, looking south, on Jan 9th 2014, noting that:

"We have had weeks of storms passing through and the rivers are not able to cope with all the run-off from, in this case, Salisbury Plain. The water meadows act as a very useful storage feature for excess water and, so far, there has only been minimal flooding in Salisbury city centre. Other areas, especially the Thames and Severn valleys, have suffered significant flood damage. You can just see the cathedral on the horizon at the extreme right edge. In one sense it is good to see the meadows flooded in winter as they were originally designed to be."

If any readers have images or memories of this event or of earlier ones, please share them with us 

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