Speed Count findings

2 Jan 2018
By Rosemary Winson

The results of the Traffic Speed Survey conducted at two points in Stratford sub Castle between 1-14 November are now available.  

Stratford Road - North of Castle Keep:
A total of 22,052 vehicles were checked, of which 85% were travelling at 30.4mph or less. The average speed was 25.9mph.

Stratford Road - South of St Lawrence Close:
A total of 22,589 vehicles were checked, of which 85% were travelling at 32.9mph or less.  The average speed was 28.1mph.

Justin Potter, a concerned resident who requested the survey, will be investigating whether Salisbury City Council would be prepared to fund any further action. He has also made the following comment:

"Given that we had in excess of 22,000 vehicles transiting SSC in a two week period, which works out at over 1500 a day (mostly between 0600 - 2200) and 15% of those (225) are exceeding the speed limit, I feel that there is still a need to remind drivers to slow down. "  

The results of a similar survey taken in 2012 can be viewed here.