Route of Diversion during closure of Stratford Bridge revealed

13 Mar 2018
By Rosemary Winson

Wiltshire Council has supplied a map that shows the route of the diversion (in blue) that will be in operation during the closure of Stratford Bridge due to begin on Monday 9 April. Having studied the map, we have pointed out to the relevant department that a local 'rat-run' is used by many drivers who leave the A345 near the Beehive roundabout, drive down Phillips Lane, cross Stratford Bridge and take the next turn left up Camp Hill to the Devizes Road in order to reach the A360 without using the Salisbury ring road.  

Unless there is clear signage before traffic leaves the A345 and enters Phillips Lane, all this traffic will be diverted through Stratford sub Castle only to rejoin the A345 at the Castle Road/Stratford Road traffic lights. 

Wiltshire Council has agreed to re-look at their proposed signage in the light of this local information about route-usage.

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