Is that a Roman in your Garden?

21 Jul 2017
By Rosemary Winson

The Village Website has received an email with an unusual request for help, see below.  Please direct all enquiries to Jonathan Brooks:  

"Is that a Roman in your Garden?

I recently attended a lecture given by Bill Moffat, archaeologist and education officer for Wessex Archaeology.  He suggested that there could have been a large Roman fort in Stratford sub Castle. 

To assist Bill and the ongoing Old Sarum Landscapes project, it would be helpful if survey by metal detector was conducted in the gardens/paddocks of Stratford sub Castle to determine if there is a high concentration of Roman finds and if any patterns can be established.

All finds of historical value (over 300 years old) will have a grid reference taken and would be recorded by Richard Henry, Finds liaison officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme who is based at Salisbury Museum.  After recording and publishing on the website (location noted as “Salisbury”) finds will be returned, usually within 12 weeks.

Many gardens have some non-grassed area such as flower/vegetable beds which are more likely to have been worked, keeping artefacts from falling out of range of the equipment, or maybe you are planning landscaping or building works which could increase the chances of a find.  If you already have found Roman evidence then I would especially like to hear from you.

I’m a volunteer on the Old Sarum Landscapes Project and have surveyed Camp Hill and the Wessex pipeline for AC archaeology and have over 1000 items recorded on the PAS database. 

To book a survey or for further information email or telephone Jonathan Brooks on 01722 717430   "

Above:  an image of Jonathan working in one of the Old Sarum Landscapes Project trenches, July 2017.