Proposal for new right of way goes to Planning Inspectorate

6 May 2017 - 4:30pm
By Rosemary Winson

A permissive path to the east of Stratford Road in Stratford sub Castle has been used for many months by walkers and dog-walkers. 

It clearly demonstrates the route that a proposed footpath diversion would take if permission is granted to change a small section of the current footpath Salisbury 6 (SALS6) recorded on the Wiltshire Definitive Map.

For technical/legal reasons the Application under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 s 53 includes the wording 'Extinquishment Order' which on first hearing might sound alarming. However, a study of the proposal coupled with actually walking the route reveals that the proposal yields many benefits to residents or visitors looking for an enjoyable country walk.

Throughout the planning process the official footpath and the permissive path will both remain open.  The vast majority of walkers appear to be voting with their feet and are using the proposed path which in contrast to SALS6, does not have any stiles. There are also attractive open views to the east across the fields to Old Sarum from the wide path, whereas views from the SALS6 path are restricted by a large barn and stabling and the ground underfoot is often muddy. 











Following a meeting of the Southern Area Planning Committee on 6 April 2017 which the public were invited to attend, the Committee voted to support the application.  However, as there has been one objection the matter must be referred to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, for determination either by way of written representations or a public hearing. This is expected to take several months.