Please do not move the bamboo canes!

2 Jul 2018
By Rosemary Winson

Lines of bamboo canes outline a grid in the fields between Old Sarum and Stratford Road, marking an area chosen for geophysical investigations by the Old Sarum Landscapes Project team that will be working in Stratford sub Castle for the next 4 weeks. 

Under a sweltering sun, a small group of staff and volunteers had used GPS equipment to determine and record the co-ordinates of the grid, and then they pushed canes into the hard-baked ground to mark the grid visually. This gridding system ensures that when a site is excavated and plans, sections and finds recorded, they can be related to each other and to the wider picture. 

If you are walking along the Public Footpath with dogs or children past this area, please ensure that the canes are not moved!

 Below: Dom Barker and Kris Strutt, University of Southampton staff