Planting the Village Christmas Tree

8 Dec 2016
By Dorothy Richards
The Stratford sub Castle Gardening Society have presented a lovely Christmas tree to the village so that it can be lit up in the Christmas season to welcome people to the Reading Room area. It will be seen by all who use the carpark, read the village noticeboard or attend events in the Reading Room. The tree planting squad was Elaine Ollerhead, who organised the purchase of the tree, Dorothy Richards, Steve Mayall, and Andrew Richards and this was just one part of the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the Gardening Society.
 It was third time lucky with the planting hole as the first two carefully chosen places were found to have drain pipes not far under the turf. What good fortune that the turfs had been lifted carefully so that we could put them back! In the true spirit of good gardeners, much well-rotted manure was added to the planting hole and back-fill soil so the tree should prosper for years to come.