"A new chapter in the History of Old Sarum"

15 Jul 2017
By Rosemary Winson

The Old Sarum Landscapes Project team believe they have found physical evidence to support a theory that an area to the north-west of Old Sarum, in the fields of the current day Stratford sub Castle, is the site of a former Medieval settlement.  The inhabitants of that site could have been responsible for supplying meat, grain, beer and other food to the then very inportant Old Sarum hilltop settlement and Cathedral, that was situated just a few hundred yards away.  

The Field School July 2017 excavations have revealed bones of cow, sheep, pig, (and possibly rabbit and hare); charcoal;  quantities of broken medieval pottery and other objects.  [1]

In a video made for 'Inside Wiltshire' [2], Alex Langlands declares "A new chapter in the history of Old Sarum in the medieval period has been opened."  Alex talks in detail about some of the finds and of possible prehistoric and Roman connections with this area. 

Click on the image on the left to view the 6m 27s video (opens in a new window).




Several visitors have toured the site, including Adrian Green, Director of Salisbury Museum (right), Owain Hughes, Learning & Outreach Officer, Salisbury Museum (centre) who are pictured here with Alex Langlands (left). 


[1] Our photo gallery contains images of some of the finds.

[2]  Inside Wiltshire website here