Local footpath diversion - Public Inquiry

6 Jan 2018
By Rosemary Winson

Updated on 23 Jan - A Public Inquiry attended by over 30 local residents opened on 23 January.  At approximately 4.30 pm the proceedings were adjourned to a second day by the Inspector, Mrs Helen Slade. The Inquiry will therefore reconvene at 9.30 am on Wednesday 24 January.

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The Reading Room is the venue for a Public Inquiry on the matter of a proposal to divert a footpath in Stratford sub Castle. Our earlier news item published in May 2017 described how there are currently two routes available to walkers across fields from points behind Dairy Cottage towards St Lawrence Church.

The inquiry will be held on Tuesday 23 January starting at 10 am and it is open to anyone who has made an objection or representation and also to anyone else with an interest in the Orders, to attend.

The Southern Area Planning Committee voted to accept the proposals in April 2017, despite one objection from a member of the public. The Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol reviewed the case and decided to open up the Public Inquiry process.

Offical notices can be viewed on line by clicking here (Planning Inspectorate - Access to the Countryside - opens in a new window.)

Below - images taken from the Permissive Path