Litter Pick

4 Mar 2017
By Rosemary Winson

Stratford sub Castle residents supported the national Great British Spring Clean campaign by picking up rubbish from the local area on Friday 3 March 2017.

Some of that rubbish may have been blown from refuse bins during recent stormy weather but even Storm Doris couldn’t have been responsible for the two golf clubs, a claw hammer, a hand saw, countless dog-poo bags, and some hi-fi equipment that the volunteers collected. 

Careful sorting ensured that several sackfuls of plastic bottles and drinks cans will now be recycled and over 10 bags will be sent to landfill - a very satisfying outcome of the exercise.  

Particular attention was given to the verges and the drainage ditches that line the shared footpath/cycleway from Stratford Road to the Five Rivers Leisure Centre. If you should walk or cycle that way soon, we hope you will notice the improvement that 11 residents made in just two hours. We are aware of at least three other residents, who were unable to join us, and who cleared other parts of the village during the weekend.