Kept in the dark

30 Nov 2017
By Rosemary Winson

Vandals have caused considerable damage to lighting in the village. Initially it was thought that the damage was limited to the lights above all three gates to St Lawrence Churchyard.  However, we now know that 7 of the 10 street lights between Mill Lane and the church, plus one light in Mill Lane, were also put out of action.

The Police and Wiltshire Council have been advised. Our local councillor Mary Douglas has been asked to help get repair work prioritised. However, no-one is able to tell us when the work will take place. ## See our later news item here for the updated situation.

Meanwhile, users of the Reading Room are urged to take extra care if walking to the venue in the evening; likewise drivers when they enter or leave the car park.

If you heard any unusual noises or saw anyone acting suspiciously in the village on Monday/Tuesday 27/28 November, please contact Jim Platt or the village website so that any information can be passed onto the Police using the appropriate crime report reference number.

We have been requested to publish the message below:

"Between 9.15 pm on Monday 27 November and 3 pm on Tuesday 28 November someone has shot up the light bulbs in the lanterns over the three gates to the church presumably with an air rifle.  This act of vandaliism has left small shards of fine glass scattered over the paths and the grass nearby.  We have done our best to clear up the glass but anyone with a dog should be aware that there will be small pieces we cannot see which could get in a dog's paw."

- Jim Platt for St Lawrence PCC