The hand of time is moving again

5 Nov 2017
By Jim Platt

The more eagle eyed of you will have noticed that the single hand on the church clock has started moving again. The escapement wheel * has been refurbished, some new bushes were inserted and the whole clock serviced, greased and oiled.  It was restarted late on Wednesday evening (1 November) and appears to be running fine.

We have received one quote for restoring the clock face, which is visibly in a poor condition, from the same engineer who repaired the escapement wheel.  The PCC at its meeting on 25 October gave its approval for the work to proceed but asked that we look at restoring the clock face to what it was prior to the present dial being fitted in 1992.  We are in discussion with the clock repairer about the options. 


* Image of the refurbished escapement wheel (left)