Footpath Public Inquiry closes

24 Jan 2018
By Rosemary Winson

A Salisbury-wide electrical power cut that lasted almost an hour failed to delay the second day of proceedings which opened at 9.30 am today, as planned. Heavy rain and strong winds could be heard from inside the Reading Room. 

Following the Closing Submissions from Wiltshire Council, from a representative of the Landowners, and from a member of the public who opposed the Orders, the Inspector Mrs Helen Slade announced that she would be making a site visit to which all parties were invited. A small group then accompanied the Inspector as she walked the route of the Permissive Path and also the older route that has been in use, referred to throughout the Inquiry as respectively the Green route and the Red route. (See maps below, shown here with the consent of Wiltshire Council.)

On return to the Reading Room, Wiltshire Council made a case for costs incurred, the full details of which were passed to the Inspector but were not made public because not all of the Parties involved were present at that time.

At 11.50 am the Inspector formally closed the Inquiry.

No time-scale was given for announcement of the Inspector's findings.

Our earlier News item on this subject is here.

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