August Café - record profits and a glorious day

12 Aug 2017
By Clare Ereira

August’s café was once again a resounding success, with plentiful supplies of sunshine and a wonderful atmosphere, bucking this year’s weather trends once again after some rainy days through the previous week.

Everyone was kept very busy throughout the event, with all the tables outside occupied for most of the afternoon and a real buzz within the Reading Room. The cakes and scones sold well, as did the books, and a groaning produce table helped to swell the profits. The resulting total was amazing - £427.80, including a generous donation received at the book stall. All of this money will go to our chosen charity, as another donation was also made to cover the hire cost of the Reading Room. This is the highest profit for this year and almost the highest over the full 5 years that the summer cafés have been running.

The selected charity to benefit from this event was Alabare, which is a Christian organisation dedicated to supporting homeless people of all ages. People become homeless for all sorts of reasons, including family breakdown, domestic violence, mental ill health, and drug and alcohol dependency. Once someone becomes homeless it can be very difficult for them to pick up the pieces of their lives and regain the confidence to carry on. Many lose touch with their families and become suicidal. Alabare has an impressive track record of practical support to homeless people – support which aims to transform chaotic lives, and restore personal self-reliance and independence.

The charity has over 90 properties throughout the South, South West and Wales, including homes for vulnerable young people, adults with mental ill health, drug and alcohol dependency and women fleeing domestic violence. It is also the largest provider of homes for veterans outside of London. We can be sure that the charity will use our contribution effectively to provide real hope to those who have for whatever reason fallen upon difficult times.

We still have Sept café to come and Barbara has already been offered a donation to pay the RR rent again, so come along with your spare books, spare veg and hearty appetite on September 3rd and let’s see if we can top this brilliant total.

September’s charity will be St John Ambulance, another hugely worthwhile cause.