Archaeological Research Team returns to Old Sarum

28 Mar 2017
By Rosemary Winson

Every spring since 2014, teams of students from the University of Southampton's Department of Archaeology have spent several weeks at Old Sarum on a research project, as part of their training programme.  Starting in early April 2017, a fourth group of students will be continuing the geophysical survey of the area and they are expected to be working in some of the fields between Old Sarum and Stratford sub Castle. 

An integrated strategy incorporates different surveying methods including earth resistance survey, magnetometry, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT).  The objective is to produce a new topographic interpretation for Old Sarum and Stratford sub Castle, integrating LiDAR data with an on-site topographic survey of visible features.  [1] 

All of these methods are non-intrusive to the landscape and there won't be any open trenches to view.  In previous years the staff who have accompanied the students have been happy to talk to on-lookers and explain some of the process.  The University of Southampton has also encouraged local residents and archaelogical groups to participate in the Old Sarum Landscapes Project and a study day was held at the University in January 2017. 

UPDATE 10 April 2017.  Several local volunteers took part during the second week of the 2017 survey. This Photo Album includes images and descriptions of their geophysical activities.

[1]  Source - University of Southampton