Archaeological Field School July 2017

31 May 2017
By Rosemary Winson

'A series of targeted excavations' sounds an interesting propositon!   Alongside further geophysical surveying and field walking, some excavation work is planned during the next phase of the Old Sarum Landscapes Project.  

A summer Field School organised by Southampton University's Department of Archaeology.will take place from 3-21 July (weekdays only).   Having analysed data from April's geophysical investigations [1], staff and students will return to Stratford sub Castle with plans to target areas that have been identified as being of particular interest.  Local volunteers have again been invited to participate.



The image shown left, displays the results from a Magnetometry survey made to the east and south of Dean's Farm.  Post holes and platforms have been identified below the current ground level indicating that a substantial number of dwellings were once in use there.  


Image used with the permission of the University of Southampton.

Local residents who have not already joined the group of volunteers but are interested in doing so, can contact Jim Platt for more information.