The Woodford Valley - a talk by Hadrian Cook

On 20 October we had the final event of our 2017 season. Hadrian Cook rounded things off beautifully with his lecture on the Woodford Valley — the evolution of a chalkland landscape. This event was a sell out with a waiting list for tickets. The renovated Reading Room is an excellent venue but for a big occasion is limited in the numbers it can seat.

Hadrian is an authority on landscapes and a number of us in the village have enjoyed the courses he has run in the Salisbury Museum on the subject. We were left in no doubt of his command of his material as he launched into a lively exposition interposed with his delightful humour. We learned how the geology, and the river system dictated by it, has influenced the development of human occupation of the valley. Conversely he also explained how humans had a big impact on the evolution of the Woodford Valley we see today.

We are deeply grateful to Hadrian for providing his time free of charge to help us raise money for the preservation of our lovely church. I would also like to acknowledge the help of fellow trustees in the organisation of this event particularly Terry Ereira for his sterling efforts with the publicity, drafting the posters and selling the tickets.

Jim Platt