Website Help

Here are some Hints to help you get the best from our website.

The Main Menu on the left is the equivalent of a road map to help you find your way around.  Some menu titles have a small black triangle to their left, to indicate that there is more than one webpage on that subject: a sub-menu appears when that tab is clicked.

The Home Page displays brief previews with clickable links (indicated by blue text) of:
*   the 4 'Latest News' items;  
*   the 4 soonest 'Forthcoming Events' in the website's Calendar;
  the 3 Latest (Photo) Albums.
Click the relevant link to view more detail.

Recent Updates
Not all updates to the website appear on the Home Page. To ensure you don't miss anything, clicking 'Recent Updates' in the Main Menu provides a list of these items, with links for quick access. 

Searching this website
The village website has its own 'Search' tool to help you find information that has been published on this site. Type one or more key words eg bus timetable or Roman, into the Search box at the top of the right-hand column. Then click the 'Search' button and a list of search results will be displayed.

Mobile Devices
When viewing the website on an ipad, tablet or mobile phone, the Desktop Site option in your browser settings may give an improved screen display.

The default view is the current month. You can, however, filter the calendar to display by day, month, year, organisation or venue. (Remember to click 'Apply' after changing filters).

Shortcuts and Links
Clicking on blue text will display another page on this webpage (or sometimes to another website).  eg Click here to see our Contact Details.