Stratford Guild - March 2018

The Art of the Magician           -       speaker Tony Griffith

If those of us in the front row imagined that they were going to share the secrets of magic with our speaker, Tony Griffith, then they were sorely disappointed, but thoroughly entertained. The programme began with a few tricks involving the familiar white rope.  Then, enlisting the help of two members of the audience, Tony performed some card tricks, correctly identifying certain cards chosen by his 'assistants', dramatically selecting them from a completely new pack - amazing!  Things became rather more intense when Tony invited Richard Death to loan his wrist watch for the next experiment. He then proceeded to stand up on a chair and, with rope in one hand and Richard's no doubt much valued watch in the other, informed the audience that he would throw both rope and watch in the air and hope that the rope would catch the watch.  And there is the magic - by some amazing feat, the watch came down to earth neatly tied to the rope.  And Richard sat down!

As well as demonstrating many wonderful tricks, Tony regaled us with little gems about other magicians whose names were doubtless familiar to many in the audience:  Tommy Cooper, Chan Canasta, Harry Houdini and The Piddingtons.  He also interspersed his talk with a few jokes which I will not attempt to repeat here since I can often remember the punch line but not the beginning.

Being a member of the Inner Magic Circle,Tony was able to talk about this very esteemed organisation and how magicians became members etc. Having once been headmaster of a primary school (what fun his young pupils must have had!), he has experience in the field of education and does in fact continue to visit many schools, both primary and secondary, as well as lecturing and entertaining different organisations in the USA., Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  He has performed at The Magic Circle, London  and The Magic Castle, Hollywood.  We were fortunate indeed to spend an evening with this talented gentleman.

The speaker at the next Guild  evening on the 11th April will be Russ Foster whose subject is Florence Nightingale.

Daphne Ponsford