Stratford Guild - June 2018

June Summer Social

At the Guild's 'finale' to another successful year, forty-eight members met on a lovely sunny summer evening to enjoy first, a sociable drink or two, followed by a delicious supper prepared by Heather Platt and her team of willing helpers. A tempting buffet offered salmon, a variety of cold meats, wraps, salads, pickles, sauces and an excellent selection of different cheeses etc. We were encouraged to visit this table full of goodies more than once, which most of us did.

A little later, dishes full of plump strawberries accompanied by jugs of cream, were placed before us, and then the final temptation arrived - small plates containing colourful and dainty 'petit fours' which seemed to simply disappear.

Bringing our off-duty brains back to earth, we were invited to fill in some very amusing food-related questions in a Quiz paper organised by Rosemary Winson; so heads down as each table tried to get all twenty answers completed. I'm not sure who the winners were, but we all enjoyed this happy twenty minutes of fun.

The evening ended with the raffle being drawn. One amazed (and slightly embarrassed) gentleman had four of his five tickets drawn. He generously asked that they be drawn again; then, yet more coincidences - not one but FOUR people somehow managed to draw their own tickets. 'Fix fix' went up the cry! So, in the end ten lucky winners went home bearing prizes. Helen Rowe organised the raffle which raised £150 and this will be added to the Defibrillator fund.

A handsome hydrangea was presented to Heather as a token of our thanks for her hard work, and appreciation also shown to Rosemary and Helen for their contributions, and of course to Chairman Barbara and the Committee for organising a very jolly evening. We now have our summer break until we meet again in September when we look forward to welcoming new members as well as existing ones. Happy holidays everyone!

Daphne Ponsford


Since this is my final report, having ended my membership of the Guild Committee, I just wonder whether other members, like me, remember with affection the days when this Summer party was always held in a village garden, quite often at Russell House, when only occasionally, because of the weather did the Reading Room have to be substituted. Maybe, just maybe, the summer which we are currently enjoying will return to be much more 'the norm', as we like to think of it and risks might be taken?