Stratford Bridge closure - Latest information

This page was last updated  20 April 2018 

Stratford Bridge remains closed to motorised traffic but pedestrian/cycle access will be available throughout the weekend.  Why not take advantage of the bridge closure and enjoy a quiet circular walk from Stratford sub Castle to Avon Farm, returning along the Woodford road which is currently closed to traffic.  Details on our Village Walks page.  









Signs have been placed on the A345 and A360 advising of the Stratford Bridge closure, hopefully reducing the amount of traffic that will take this Diversion.   Despite this action, many drivers are ignoring the signs. 

Stratford Bridge was closed to all traffic on 9th April for up to 4 weeks to enable 'waterproofing' of the bridge to take place. This will entail removing all the road layers, down to the bridge structure itself, spraying on a rubberised membrane, and then replacing the road foundations and top surface.

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