Guild Report: May 2017

‘Follow the Umbrella’ - My life as a Blue Badge Guide 

Speaker - Mary McGill

The Annual General Meeting of the Stratford Guild was brought back to life, after the usual dose of financial and operational facts, by our very own Blue Badge Guide, Mary McGill.

We were given an insight into how, almost by accident, Mary found herself in this role. It became clear that to be a professional guide it is necessary to have the patience of a saint, the tact of a diplomat, a great deal of energy and all wrapped up with an enormous sense of humour. Not to mention the wealth of historical knowledge required and to be able to deliver it in French as well as English.

Many anecdotes were quoted during the talk, but the two that will be most remembered by the audience will likely be the disappointed Japanese tourist who never got to see Stonehenge and, the gentleman on holiday from California who asked Mary to elope to the USA with him.

Mary’s enthusiasm as a guide became quite clear as she recounted her experiences, but without her great ability to communicate and to hold the audience, the above attributes could not have been put to use. Maybe she will come back and give us “Part Two”

(Mary, we are pleased you never went to California and as for the Japanese tourist we expect he came back another day to see the rocks.)

Contributions to the Gift Bowl amounted to £90, which will be sent to Mary’s nominated charity Salisbury Samaritans.

Steve Mayall